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Our Biggest Nonprofit Announcement Ever - Introducing NGO Connect

The mobile and social era has transformed the way nonprofits connect with their supporters - they want a direct and immediate connection with those who share their values and can help advance their mission. Successful nonprofits must now deliver the anytime, anywhere, collaborative experience that today’s donors and volunteers expect and we have a solution that will help you...


  • Get a complete picture of funders, campaigns and supporters
  • Streamline event planning and execution
  • Recruit, track and manage all of your volunteers
  • Manage a lifetime of changes to deliver highly personal experiences
  • Measure impact and report in real-time on fundraising and program effectiveness


The Salesforce.com Foundation is excited to launch -  NGO Connect, a new app that helps nonprofits connect every aspect of their work to transform how they build and retain lifetime relationships with their constituents and the communities they serve.


NGO Connect helps nonprofits deliver greater impact by enabling them to innovate faster and connect with their constituents in a whole new way. Today’s Connected Nonprofit can execute at scale to get the job done, it makes the world’s leading social, mobile and cloud Salesforce1 platform even more powerful to the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits of all sizes can now benefit from the sector’s emerging best practices and accelerate their ability to manage their greatest asset – a lifetime relationship with their constituents.


Check out our latest blog post to learn more and register now for our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, September 30 at 2 pm EDT/ 11am PDT to get a glimpse of what it truly means to Become a Connected Nonprofit.




Lori Freeman, Nonprofit Product Marketing Director

Jessica Hood, Solutions Engineer